Please find below some of the most common errors we find in submitted files for printing:

Files submitted that contain errors may be put on hold while we are waiting for a corrected file, Printopic Graphics will make attempts to correct files in order not to delay the job, will also makes  attempt to contact you and alert you for any delays, The best way to eliminate such delays with us or any other printing company is an understanding of the following problems and solutions.


Incorrect Color Mode

Programs such as InDesign and other professional layout software programs let you choose to work in either the RGB or CMYK color mode.

CMYK: C=Cyan M=Magenta Y=Yellow K=Black

RGB: R=Red G=Green B=Blue

Scanners and digital cameras create images and computer monitors display images using a combination of just three colors, RGB.

Offset printing presses print full color pictures and images using a different set of colors, CMYK.

This is a 4-color process or full-color printing.

All files should be submitted using CMYK to best ensure color accuracy. Files created using RGB, the files, once uploaded, will be converted to CMYK in order to print the order on a printing press. This conversion may create a slight color variation in the final printed piece.


Wrong Size

Files must be build in the correct size and need to contain 1/8” bleed for job that bleed


Critical Artwork or Text Close to Trim

1/8" (.125) from the edge of your layout to critical elements if your document should be kept to eliminate accidental cutoff of text and images

Images that are meant to go to the very edge of your design must extend into the bleed area 1/4" (0.25).

Some small shifting during production and that occurs during cutting therefore it is recommended that you use a border wider than 1/4" (.25). cannot guarantee that small borders will be the same on all sides after trimming if border selected are less than 1/4" (.25).


Does Not Meet U.S. Postal Regulations

US Post Office requires that all mailed postcards meet a required format and design. Please make sure your design and format meets such requirements, Super Color will not be responsible for any jobs printed which is not suitable for mailing due to a poor design practices.


Low Resolution Images

File must contain images that are in resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch) or more. Files contain Images with a resolution less than 300 dpi will print poorly images might look blurry and/or pixilated.

Images from your website are less than 300 DPI and might not used for high quality printing. The internet contains 72 dpi images so that they will appear quickly over online connection; these images are not in the resolution to be use in printing.

When we receive your files we may alert you for low resolution images at this case you will be asked to replace them with high resolution images or be asked to sign a waiver acknowledging that you are aware of the resulting loss of quality and that you will accept the final printed job as is.


Missing Fonts/Images

When using application such as Publisher, QuarkXpress, or InDesign, you need to provide all fonts, typefaces used in the document, and high resolution images used in your layout. If all fonts, typefaces, and high resolution images are not supplied, fonts may default or reflow, please make sure all the fonts that are used is uploaded as part of the document

The best way to get this accomplish is to create a PDF that will contain all the necessary images and fonts


Corrupt File

Files transmitted across the internet sometimes get corrupted it is suggested to compress the files prior to sending them. Without compressing them, your files may reach their destination as incomplete or "corrupted" digital files.