Gloss Paper (C2S) – Gloss Coated on Both Sides

Gloss paper features the color ‘white’ in its purest form. Its superb texture, sheen, and uniform nature is perfect for showcasing color images. When design, color and imprint is applied to gloss paper, the quality can easily be seen. The paper and printed images are glossy, ensuring that the finished product will be striking and eye-catching. This type of paper is used in magazines, catalogs, brochures, posters, postcards, newsletters, and picture books.


Matte / Dull / Silk Paper, (C2S) Coated on Both Sides

A non-glossy coated paper allows for impressive printing and texture because of its superior smoothness. It is very comfortable to read the text because the paper is non-reflective. When there is a lot of ink coverage, the surface will appear semi-glossy because of the nature of the ink. Non-glossy paper provides optimal viewing of text and art images. It is used in magazines, catalogs, brochures, posters, newsletters, calendars and picture books.


Uncoated / Offset paper

Uncoated paper offers a smooth surface that is suitable for the application of black and white and color printing. It is not used to display high quality color images but is ideal for products such as books, manuals, envelopes, leatherheads.