Please review each of the following print ready criteria to help ensure your print job stays on schedule.



We require that all graphic files be built using CMYK to ensure color accuracy prior to being uploaded. Files submitted in RGB or using PMS colors will be converted to CMYK, which could cause a slight color shift in the finished product. Files should also be built using the US Sheetfed Coated V2 color profile.


File Size (Bleed)

Your files must be built to the final trim size plus bleed. This means your files should be 0.25" larger than the product size that you are purchasing. (i.e. 8.5x11 catalog = 8.75x11.25 graphic file). In the case of Envelopes, all text and images must be .375" from each final edge of the Envelope and images cannot bleed off the edge.


No Crop Marks

Please ensure your files are saved without any crop marks as these marks will be considered part of the artwork and will end up being printed on the finished product.



Please make sure that you are not using a font size smaller than 7pt. If working out of vector based software such as Illustrator, InDesign, or Freehand, all text must be converted to outlines before generating the final PDF file. If working out of Photoshop, simply flatten the image. When using MS Publisher for design and layout, it is important to ensure the photos, graphics, and fonts are embedded into the file.



All images used should be at least 300dpi. Please avoid using images with lower resolution than 300dpi which could make the image look pixilated and blurry.


Safety Zone

Avoid placing images or important information at least 1/8" from the final trim size, Images which are close to the trim line could be trimmed on the final product.


Typographical / Grammar Errors

Please carefully proof read all submitted documents prior to submitting, as we are not responsible for any typographical or grammar errors.



It is recommended that borders should be at least 1/8" (0.125") from trim area. If less than is 1/8" (0.125") is used, the final product may result in uneven borders from top to bottom and from right to left. This is due to the final cutting process in which some "draw" or "slippage" might occur. It is highly recommended to create the borders of 1/4" (0.25") from all surrounding edges.



The front and back sides of your graphic files should have the same orientation. If the front is in the portrait format and the back is in the landscape format, one page will need to be rotated 90°.


Multi-Page Documents (Booklet/Catalog/Calendar/Magazine Orders)

A multi-page PDF document must be used when submitting graphic files for the above products. When submitting a multi-page PDF file, page 1 of your PDF should be the outside front cover, page 2 should be the inside front cover. The last page of your PDF should be the outside back cover. The multi-page PDF should also have a page count that is a multiple of four (4) and each page must be built to the final trim size plus bleed.