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When presented in an attractive pocket folder, a proposal or company information will carry a lot more weight. It can turn an inattentive participant into an interested customer. A colorful and well designed pocket folder determines how your client will perceive your products and services. It can affect the final decision so it is an important tool for any business. High quality printing on pocket folders will make a lasting impression and get results.

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Print Affordable Pocket Folders Online

Pocket Folders hold, support and present your company's promotional materials as well as legal documents. They are mostly used for the variable insertion of information based on the client's needs. They are ideal for companies that add or discontinue products and services on a regular basis. Pocket folders come with one or two pockets and business card slits.

An additional option of a four page brochure is available for stitching inside the pocket folder. It can include general information about your organization and a description of basic products and services.

Pocket folders are a great choice when your documents need to be easily accessible, secure and ready to go at a moment's notice. Pick the perfect folder from our wide variety of choices that include specialty materials, fasteners, pocket styles and a rainbow of colors.

Printopic Graphics offers you the following options for pocket folders:

  • Pocket Folders Printed 4/0 on 120# C2S paper
  • Pocket Folders Printed 4/4 on 120# C2S paper

Pocket Folders Available Quantities

You can order online the following predefined quantities for Pocket Folders:

  • 250 Pocket Folders
  • 500 Pocket Folders
  • 1000 Pocket Folders
  • 2000 Pocket Folders
  • 5000 Pocket Folders


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